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Thank you for an EXCELLENT session.  Vastly better than anything else I had been able to discover.

  • Gale
  • Davis, CA

I just wanted to thank you for helping me to understand my macaw! I learned a lot about behaviors of birds and how to earn trust of my bird making a huge difference in both of our lifes. I can truly say that I have a friendship and bond that was not there before! Thank you so much!!

  • Darcy
  • Carmichael, CA

I want to thank you so much for providing this class.  It was awesome!  I have a feeling that you only touched on a small part of all we need to learn.  It was truly amazing to see what you were able to do in the short time you knew Frieda and Ed.  Wow!  You have a lot of patience and the birds respect that.  I hope to attend your next class.  I really enjoyed what you had to say.  Thank you so much!

  • Shelley
  • Sacramento, CA

I took a lot home with me from the bird class, and I have enjoyed sharing my (new) knowledge of the birds very subtle behavioral cues with my son and husband.  It has been particular helpful in teaching my son who is only six, that when the bird steps to the side or leans back, that means he is uncomfortable.  Now I can show him that the bird is trying to tell him the same, only he cannot talk so he uses his body to communicate.

  • Jennifer
  • Los Gatos, CA

I'm not sure if you recall our conversation several months ago about the Umbrella Cockatoo, Jeronimo.......You were a wonderful help, along with Mal at Mickaboo.  I just wanted to give you the good news!  Jeronimo and I are doing GREAT.  It's as though he is a different bird, and he seems much happier.  (As are myself and my husband)  I just wanted to thank you again for all you do!  You are a tremendous help!  I hope 2009 is a good year for you and your family!  Wishing you health and happiness!  THANK YOU!

  • Liz
  • Coulterville, CA

Words can not convey the amount of gratitude I feel towards you and Mal.  The two of you have been wonderful, and despite the melt down that Jeronimo is having (sure wish i had those ear plugs....) I feel like the two of you have lifted the world off of my shoulders!  I honestly don't know what the near future would hold for my giant white bird if I had not contacted Mickaboo.  You are a huge asset to them, and I deeply appreciate all that you do for the love of birds.  We plan on following all of your instructions and applying them to the other birds, (neither of which i feel we have the same problems with..........yet..........).  I will be in touch with our progress and questions as we move forward.  Thank you for understanding my emotional commitment, and my, literally crying in your ear over this.  You are a wonderful, wonderful man.  Your birds are lucky to have you!  Best of luck to you in all you do.  I will be in touch!

  • Liz
  • Coulterville, CA

First of all, thank you SO much for taking time on your Saturday morning to talk with us about our concerns with Moe. You gave us a lot of information that has already been incredibly helpful. We worked with Moe in his small cage this morning and I completely expected him to not come out for a few days. However, my partner was able to get him out while following the guidelines you gave us yesterday. First thing in the morning i got some extreme behavior from him as a reaction to the change. And i know we have a long road ahead, however since our conversation i have felt more hopeful than i have in months about Moe and i really appreciate that.

  • Alexa
  • Berkeley, CA

I really enjoyed talking with you as well.  You are so brilliant!  I know you and your wife must love your companion birds so much to do what you do!  I left our conversation truly inspired.  I will read everything you sent me and will definitely try all of your suggestions to see what my work with my Sunrise.  You and your wife sound like such wonderful people, I wish there were more like you in the world.  Perhaps then we wouldn't regard these magnificent creatures as ornaments.

  • Saranda
  • St. George, Utah
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