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The Aviology Learning Center is dedicated to bringing more awareness of the rewarding benefits of learning and of practicing the principles of behavioral science, applied behavior analysis, and professional training techniques to the companion parrot community.  The Aviology Learning Center web site along with our local classes facilitate learning more about the science of behaviors and about how to help your companion parrot friends learn to live successfully with you and your family.

The companion parrot community has made tremendous strides over the last 15 years in advancing the generally-accepted best practices for avian nutrition, husbandry, medical care, and enrichment.  Yet, there is still more to do! Companion parrot behavior issues continue to present real problems for many caregivers and their parrots.

There are many voices and opinions in the community struggling to assist parrot guardians everyday in learning how to successfully live with our intelligent feather friends.  Through all the voices and opinions comes a well-founded unbiased science that has been studied and researched for decades: Behavioral Science.  Behavioral science, applied behavioral analysis, and professional training techniques provide a clear unambiguous path to understanding and positively teaching behaviors.

Join us in learning more about the science of behaviors and the art of teaching!