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Online References

The Writings of Susan Friedman, PhD.

Susan G. Friedman, Ph.D., is currently a faculty member in the Department of Psychology at Utah State University.  Dr. Friedman has made significant contributions to the companion parrot community by assisting parrot guardians in the learning of behavioral science and applied behavior analysis.

Building Trust with your Bird – One Click at a Time

An excellent YouTube video by Shirley J. Morgan & Ellen K. Cook, D.V.M. illustrating the basics principles of clicker training.

The Art of Training

by Steve Martin at Natural Encounters

Good Bird Magazine: Online Digital Media

Barbara Heidenreich, Editor. Published by Good Bird, Inc. 

Simpler Steps to Step Up

An excellent article by Rita Sambruna describing a detailed shaping plan using positive reinforcement for teaching two Greater Vasa parrots the complex behavior of stepping up onto your hand.

Do Parrots Need to Step on Hands?

An insightful and candid article by Rita Sambruna talking about whether or not parrots really need to step up.

BF Skinner on Reinforcement Schedules

YouTube video with BF Skinner discussing variable reinforcement schedules and how it relates to humans.

The Pros and Cons of Anthropomorphism

Article on discussing a recent article on Anthropomorphism.